Chapter 3: Installation

Chapter 3: Installation

3.1 Installing

3.1.1 Launch the Installation

  • Close all applications running on the system before starting the installation.

  • Run the setup program BlockyforVeeam®Setup_2_6_2_217.exe to start the installation wizard.

Administrative rights are required to install, configure, license, or update BlockyforVeeam®. When installing, you need to be logged in as an administrator or run the installation program using the context menu option “Run as administrator." (Right-click the BlockyforVeeam® setup file).

Check Controlled folder feature and turn it off. See Restrictions.

3.1.2 License Agreement

You have to accept the "License Agreement“ in order to continue with the BlockyforVeeam® installation procedure.

3.1.3 Select the installation path and additional tasks

3.1.4 Select Components

Please select the components you want to install.

3.1.5 Start the Installation

After clicking the Install button, BlockyforVeeam® will be installed in the selected destination folder.

3.1.6 Completing the Installation

Click "Finish“ to complete the installation.

On Core-only installations, you have to set the initial password via BlockyCLI after installation or via the BlockyforVeeam® setup parameter during installation. See chapters BlockyCLI and Setup command line parameters.

3.2 Updating

The process of updating from a previous 2.6 version is similar to the installation described in Installation.

When updating BlockyforVeeam® a password query is only necessary if the core is installed.

3.3 Upgrading from Version 2.5 and earlier

Version 2.6 can be upgraded directly from version 2.5.

An upgrade from a Blocky version older than 2.5 can only be done with an intermediate upgrade to Blocky 2.5.

The password is entered in the same way as for an update, see Updating.

Please contact our GRAU DATA GmbH support ([email protected]) if you require any additional information or assistance.

3.4 Uninstallation

BlockyforVeeam® can be uninstalled by using the Windows Software Manager. Click "Start >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs" Select the BlockyforVeeam® product and press the “Uninstall” button.

With core component installed:

Confirm the Un-install of BlockyforVeeam® with your password.

The self-defined password must be set in order to uninstall Blocky for Veeam®. The uninstall will fail if the self-defined password has not been set.

See Set initial password for setting the password.

On core-only installations, the uninstall password is not required.

Continue by pressing “Uninstall,” and BlockyforVeeam® will be removed.

A pop-up message confirms that BlockyforVeeam® was successfully removed.

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