Appx C: BlockyforVeeam® Change Log

This appendix summarizes the changes between BlockyforVeeam® versions. The change log only contains relevant changes and fixes.

Appx C: BlockyforVeeam® Change Log

C.1 Version - Release

  • Fix Release for 2.6.x
  • (Feature) GUI shows installed Core product version
  • (Feature) Possibility to revert Central GUI to Local GUI
  • (Change) Save configuration also includes managed volumes
  • (Change) Remove plain text configuration files
  • (Change) Detect system clock mismatch when adding remote servers in Central GUI
  • (Change) GUI shows error code on connection issues
  • (Change) Remove GUI autostart on login
  • (Bugfix) Better handling of volumes mounted in folders
  • (Bugfix) Fix whitelist display in GUI with lots of entries
  • (Bugfix) Fix testing of SMTP server settings
  • (Bugfix) Fix master config rollout when local GUI is connected
  • (Bugfix) Improve GUI connections to AC service
  • (Bugfix) Fix CLI for switch on access control on additional volumes
  • (Bugfix) Improve Installer on failed or interrupted upgrades
  • (Bugfix) Fix fingerprint calculation for debug binaries

C.2 Version - Release

  • Initial Release for 2.6.1
  • (Feature) Central GUI to manage several Core Instances
  • (Feature) Introduce separate components for Core und GUI
  • (Feature) Extended disk/volume information in Service Report
  • (Feature) Detect tampered Service Report Scripts
  • (Feature) Added failsafe and debug mode for AC Service
  • (Feature) BlockyCli prompt for password interactively or supply via input file
  • (Change) Remove notifications for authorized access
  • (Change) AC log now also contains internal requests
  • (Change) Serveral raw volume accesses are now handeled by AC Service
  • (Change) Changed path for saved configuration
  • (Bugfix) Improved AC log message
  • (Bugfix) Fix possible memory leak in AC Service
  • (Bugfix) Fix wrong notification on volumes with short capacity

C.3 Version - Fix-5

  • Fix Release for 2.5.0
  • (Feature) Introduce SID cache for better performance
  • (Bugfix) Performance enhancement for process lookup
  • (Bugfix) Performance enhancement for file name lookup
  • (Bugfix) Fix BlockyCli crash when called from service account
  • (Bugfix) Add performance counters to trace timing issues
  • (Bugfix) Fix license notifications for disabled volumes
  • (Bugfix) Fix BlockyCli config for folder mounted volumes

C.4 Version - Fix-4

  • Fix Release for 2.5.0
  • (Feature) Support for multiple email recipients
  • (Feature) Restricted support for volumes mounted in folders
  • (Feature) Prevent brute force password attac
  • (Feature) BlockyCli enhancement for license handling
  • (Bugfix) Notifications in case of filter not loaded
  • (Bugfix) Invalid characters in AccessControl.log cause GUI to hang
  • (Bugfix) Fix service crash on runaway GUI connects
  • (Bugfix) Particular folder names may cause service to terminate silently
  • (Bugfix) Improve detection of system clock tampering
  • (Bugfix) Fix for binaries with invalid internal checksums
  • (Bugfix) BlockyCli fix for updating whitelist
  • (Bugfix) Detect certain invalid volume configurations
  • (Bugfix) Include rotated logfiles in service report

C.5 Version - Fix-3

  • Fix Release for 2.5.0
  • (Feature) Start/Stop service notification
  • (Bugfix) Stateful notifications
  • (Bugfix) Zero notification threshold count
  • (Bugfix) Prevent stopping of filter
  • (Bugfix) reject single quote (') and double quote (") in password

C.6 Version - Fix-2

  • Fix Release for 2.5.0
  • (Feature) Basic support for NTFS deduplication
  • (Bugfix) AccessControl request for folder rename
  • (Bugfix) Proper handling of internal ADS

C.7 Version - Fix-1

  • Fix Release for 2.5.0
  • (Bugfix) Stabilize installer for update/upgrade
  • (Bugfix) Fix crash of service with duplicate license keys
  • (Bugfix) Notification list entries
  • (Bugfix) Missing file in service report

C.8 Version - Release

  • Initial 2.5.0 Release
  • (Feature) Introduce additional password for configuration
  • (Feature) Uninstall/Upgrade now password protected
  • (Feature) Changed 3rd party license handling to GRAU DATA Cap-ID based model
  • (Feature) Adjusted SMTP configuration
  • (Feature) Volume gets locked on expired license
  • (Feature) Introduce notification on invalid whitelist entry
  • (Feature) Remove account whitelisting
  • (Feature) Introduce command-line tool
  • (Bugfix) Rework internal timer actions